The personalized radial head prosthesis is designed as a comprehensive solution for radial head fractures with precise replacement. The monopolar titanium radial head prosthesis, which combines patient-specific head with smooth bullet-tip stem, provides good dimension accuracy and fitment to restore elbow’s range of motions and elbow stability.

Features & Benefits

  • Pre-determined compensation for articular cartilage
  • Highly polished surface
  • Anatomical straight stem along medullary canal
  • Bullet tip stem to facilitate insertion
  • Anatomical design using CT scan and mirroring technique
  • Cemented stem with smooth surface
  • Fluted stem for rotational stability

Personalized design

Using 3D mirroring of normal contralateral side of bone, each titanium radial head prosthesis is designed specially to match natural anatomic of individual bone. This allows perfect fitment with surrounding bones to restore complete range of elbow motions.

Precise stem

Cemented stem is designed to have dimensions and shape conforming to 3D anatomic of intramedullary cavity of the radius bone. The stem length is designed anatomically to ensure sufficient length for good stability and reduce risk of loosening

Fluted stem with bullet tip

The stem is designed to be straight with bullet-tip to facilitate implantation process. Fluted-stem design enhances rotational stability while monopolar design of the prosthesis improves elbow stability.

Highly polished head

Shiny and smooth titanium surface to maximize articulation.

Reference marker

A reference mark on prosthesis head is designed to aid in proper alignment during implantation.

Cemented Stem

The implant is intended to be used with bone cement.

Personalized and precise design

Each radial head prosthesis is designed individually using advanced 3D image processing techniques to allow precise replacement of radial head fractures, promoting the best clinical outcome. To enhance overall articulation, the head size could be designed for cartilage compensation.

3D pre-operative planning and custom surgical guides

Provide more accurate and predictable operation following pre-surgical plan. The custom-made cutting guide ensures accurate bone osteotomy with minimal invasive operation and bone loss

*consult the warnings on the label and the instructions for use of the medical device before use.


1. Do not modify the device in any manner. Reshaping the implant using cutters, grinders, burrs, or other means will damage the structural integrity of the device and could result in implant fracture and/or particulate debris.

2. Do not grasp the device with metal instruments, or instruments with teeth, serrations, or sharp edges. Prosthesis is titanium-based material. Mishandling prosthesis could cause surface damage and reduce its physical properties such as strength, toughness and could result in prosthesis fracture.

3. Do not use the device in combination with metal components from other products (except indicated titanium screws). The wear behaviour of titanium against metal component from other products has not been evaluated and could damage the structural integrity of the device and result in prothesis fracture.

4. The implantation of the device must be done by surgeon(s).