The personalized titanium bone replacement/ joint prosthesis for missing bone in hand or foot designed specifically for anatomical shape of patients’ bone based on CT scan. Highly experienced engineering team is provided to support doctor in design customization and preoperative planning to achieve surgery via computer software.

Bone Replacement

Joint Prosthesis

Metacarpal Prosthesis

Features & Benefits of Bone Replacement

Personalized design

Using 3D mirroring of normal contralateral side of hand bone, each titanium prosthesis is designed specially to match natural anatomic of individual bone. The 3D pre-operative planning ensures minimal invasive operation and the best outcomes after the surgery.

Phalange Prosthesis

Smooth and shiny surface

Highly polished titanium prostheses to ensure good fitment and facilitate joint stability.

Features and Benefits of Joint Prosthesis

Anatomic joint mechanism

Constrained joint prostheses designed to replicate the anatomic joint surfaces and movement mechanism of the MCP and PIP joints. This to ensure the best outcome in recovering range of motion.

Precise stem

Cemented stem is designed to have dimensions and shape conforming to 3D anatomic of intramedullary cavity of the resected bone.

Specification & scope of customization

*consult the warnings on the label and the instructions for use of the medical device before use.


1. Do not modify the device in any manner. Reshaping the implant using cutters, grinders, burrs, or other means will damage the structural integrity of the device and could result in implant fracture and/or particulate debris.

2. Do not grasp the device with metal instruments, or instruments with teeth, serrations, or sharp edges. Prosthesis is titanium-based material. Mishandling prosthesis could cause surface damage and reduce its physical properties such as strength, toughness and could result in prosthesis fracture.

3. Do not use the device in combination with metal components from other products (except indicated titanium screws). The wear behaviour of titanium against metal component from other products has not been evaluated and could damage the structural integrity of the device and result in prothesis fracture.

4. The implantation of the device must be done by surgeon(s).